Rochyne Delaney McNulty

Rather than being a pure creator, my practice has become more a method of facilitation; an operation of meaning. The fluid process of author and beholder collaborating on a seemingly arbitrary end point creates form in space, shared gestures and a dialogue which expands.

A background in fine art and exploration through performance design has given me the stage to explore the crossovers between theatre and art. Collaboration, experimentation, play and risk are themes that run throughout my practice. 

A personal interest in circus and martial arts gives me an understanding of bodily movement, and space in relation to form. An understanding of film, photography and physical skills such as welding gives me a solid base to explore materials.


My work is about sharing knowledge; expanding expectations; uncovering what has been there all along; providing a moment where nothing else is important; testing boundaries and learning what can be done with what happens to be there.

It involves imagination, participation, movement, journeys, interaction, perspective, a contrast of soft and hard. Usually made on my own, I give my pieces to the world and the people, and let them discover what both the object and themselves can achieve. I want to open eyes; initiate freedom; spark a new way of thinking.


Using risk as a vessel; allowing people to understand their limits are not fixed.

It involves problems solving; this is something that I carry through everything I do; from martial arts to climbing to life in general. Things can be hard; but you can find a way around that and succeed, things can be boring unless you look at them differently. You can discover what is possible; you can excel and create new knowledge.

It involves creative thinking; interaction with bodies and objects, storytelling, history making, facilitation of a moment.

It involves ownership; or moreover; the lack of. I want my pieces to be created by the interaction they spark. They are as much mine as they are yours.

It’s durational. It lasts long after the last person witnesses it. I want to start a new way of thinking. It spans time; it begins in the past/present and moves through to the present/future.

It stays with you.

It’s multi-faceted; it exists in photos; videos; my imagination; your imagination; on paper; on a screen. It’s a performance; it’s a story; it’s history; it’s the land; it’s a sculpture; its labour; it’s an installation; it acts however it needs to in the moment. It grows and changes as I grow and change. It develops as you interact with it; it responds to your involvement, it shapes how you react; you shape its purpose.

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